Most frequently asked questions

Bonop is a buying and selling platform where you can offer your items for sale or put them up for auction. On these pages you will find the most frequently asked questions about our platform.

I want to sell an item such as a car, motorcycle or boat, how do I place an ad?

By clicking on the 'Sell an Item' button at the top of this page, you can start creating a free ad immediately.

Do I need to pay to place a classified ad?

No, you can post an ad for free. However, you can choose to make an ad more visible by placing your ad in the Spotlight.

I have logged in and want to change my details or password

You can change your details by going to your dashboard by clicking on the user icon at the top of the menu and then going to your profile. You can also use this direct link.

How long does my ad run?

An ad stays online until you sell it, then you can easily delete it yourself.

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By creating a free Bonop account, you can bid on items, respond to items, or start selling items yourself.

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