even your car You can ship most items with Bonop

Sending your items, including cars, is easy and safe with Bonop. Our global network of shipping partners ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to list your item for free and choose whether or not to offer shipping.

Selling items, especially larger items such as (classic) cars, furniture or even pinball machines, often raises concerns about shipping. At Bonop, we've got you covered with a secure platform that handles the entire process. When a buyer wants your item, they can choose to have it delivered by our trusted shipping partners and pay directly at the end of the auction.

Bonop shipping
The buyer pays for shipping

The buyer pays for shipping

For smaller items, a shipping label is provided once the buyer pays for shipping and you can conveniently drop off the package at the post office.

For larger items, such as cars, motorcycles or small boats, the buyer pays for shipping and a carrier from our network will coordinate with you for a convenient collection. Trust Bonop to simplify and secure your shipping experience.

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