Revolutionizing E-commerce: Secure Online Transactions with Blockchain & AI

We're transforming online sales & payments for apps, marketplaces and auctions with the power of blockchain and AI.

Our platform redefines B2C and C2C sales, enhances Web3 accessibility, and seamlessly integrates fiat money with cryptocurrency for everyday transactions. By ensuring unparalleled security for buyers and sellers alike, Bonop sets a new standard for online transactions.

Bonop demo app
Crypto PaymentsYou can use the Bonop Token, the internal payment solution, to pay for your items.
Secure transactionsAI detects fraud. Guaranteed refunds for undelivered/mismatched items.
Fraud preventionBonop ensures seller payment, stops fake bids for fair transactions
Verified identitiesVerify users with blockchain-stored feedback profiles, reducing the risk of identity fraud

Secure transactions, fraud prevention and verified identitiesImproving online transactions with Blockchain and AI

Unlock the power of crypto payments

Seamlessly use your cryptocurrencies, including our exclusive Bonop token, for all your purchases.

Ensure Payment Security for Your Items

Guaranteed payment for your items, eliminating the risk of non-payment. Prevent fake bids by verifying buyers' bids in advance, ensuring a fair bidding process for everyone.

Digital identities

Blockchain-stored digital identities & feedback to verify identities. Reduce the risk of identity theft and fraudulent activity on the platform.

Fraud Detection with AI

AI can help identify and prevent fraudulent activity, ensuring a more secure platform. Instant refunds in cases where items do not arrive or do not match the description.

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We're issuing a limited number of tokens to create scarcity and potentially increase their value as our app becomes more widely used and demand for our tokens increases. Explore our beta marketplace & auction platform, which we are constantly working on and expanding with new features.

Why use Bonop to sell your items?

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Bonop Token sale

How are our tokens distributed?Tokenomics

We will issue a maximum of tokens in total.

  • Seed 5%
  • Pre Sale 15%
  • Public Sale 10%
  • Liquidity 14%
  • Staking 10%
  • Marketing 25%
  • Project capital 16%
  • Exchanges 5%
  • 1.25% Taxes on purchases and sales as transaction fees. For our liquidity and marketing.
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens
  • Initial supply: 100,000,000 tokens

RoadmapBonop app development

Bonop, the application and the underlying technology are constantly evolving. The roadmap below shows you where we are now and what you can expect in the future.

    • Phase 1 2024
    • Launch our Beta marketplace
    • Get the team ready & attract more developers
    • Setup partner program
    • Phase 2 2024
    • Launch Founder Seed round
    • First marketing steps
    • Engaging influencers
    • Finalize whitepaper
    • Setting up a new company
    • Setting up social media channels
    • Phase 3 2024
    • Distribute the pre-assigned tokens
    • Pre sale
    • Initial coin listings
    • Establishing various partnerships
    • Phase 4 2025
    • Launch several marketplaces
    • Prepare official sale
    • Listing on more listings
    • Step up marketing efforts to grow our marketplaces

Invest wisely, stay informed, and join us on the exciting journey of innovation and community-driven success with Bonop.