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Why use Bonop to sell your items?

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Why use Bonop to sell your items?
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Create a detailed item description to increase the visibility of your products. This will help your items sell faster.

Have you got any feedback, ideas or suggestions?Easy to use platform

It is easy to get started, even if you are not a marketing or technical expert. With just a few clicks, you can easily create an ad with images.

Easy to understand pricingSimplify your listing process

We believe in keeping things simple, so we offer packages that allow you to list your items across all categories. No need for complicated pricing or multiple packages; it's all-inclusive.

Maximize your online exposure with Bonop!Gain new customers rapidly

Attract new customers quickly with our comprehensive and interactive marketing. Enjoy a dedicated company page with custom video and/or photos for a unique and impactful presence.

Additional featuresFor businesses and individuals

Whether you're an individual seller or a business, you can create a compelling Pro profile that inspires confidence in your customers and ultimately leads to increased sales.

Press release distribution service Our Pricing Plan

We keep things simple and easy - no contracts, no extra packages, no automatic renewals!

Bonop Pro 20
USD 30,- USD 15,-/mo*

For the individual who wants a more professional account or the merchant with only a few items for sale.

  • Up to 20 items with no expiry date
  • Professional company profile
  • AI generator for sale texts
  • Customer Support Pro
  • Pay now and use Bonop Pro until July 2025
* Billed annually - ex. 21% VAT
Bonop Pro 200
USD 70,-USD 34,-/mo*

For the serious seller or merchant. Upload up to 200 items in each category with no expiration date.

  • Up to 200 items with no expiry date
  • Spotlight 5 items for 5 days each month
  • Professional company profile
  • AI generator for sale texts
  • Customer Support Pro
  • Pay now and use Bonop Pro until July 2025
* Billed annually - ex. 21% VAT
Bonop Pro 500
USD 130,-USD 65,-/mo*

For the professional reseller or vendor. Upload up to 500 items in each category with no expiry date.

  • Up to 500 items with no expiry date
  • Spotlight 15 items for 5 days each month
  • Professional company profile
  • AI generator for sale texts
  • Customer Support Pro
  • Pay now and use Bonop Pro until July 2025
* Billed annually - ex. 21% VAT

Frequently Asked Questions Do you have any further questions?

We understand that you have questions about Bonop and our platform. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our platform.

Advantages of a Bonop Pro account

Increase the visibility of your brand by adding a cover photo and a detailed description of what you have to offer. Connect with a wider customer base through your contact information, which is the first step to increasing sales. You'll attract more customers with top search results and enhance your reputation. Bonop Pro is perfect for efficiently managing large product catalogues because your listings never expire. Sell across Europe with BonopPay, all from the comfort of your office or home. Best of all, you can try it out with no commitment - set up your online business in minutes and cancel at any time.

Is Bonop planning to expand beyond luxury collectibles?

Absolutely. Bonop has ambitious expansion plans to reach a broader audience by launching dedicated marketplaces and classifieds sites for various categories, including cars/vehicles, real estate, general classifieds and more.

What is a professional profile page?

Your Bonop Pro profile page serves as a comprehensive hub for your business.It allows you to display key information, including links to your website and social media profiles.You can provide a detailed description of your business and even include a map for easy navigation to your physical location, making it easy for customers to find you.

Do you have different types of subscriptions?

We don't have complicated packages with separate prices for cars, property, clothes or anything else. We offer a package that allows you to advertise directly. However, you can choose how many ads you want to place.

Can I include (HD) images/photos in my listings?

You can add up to 24 photos and images to your ad. A picture is worth a thousand words, so we strongly encourage you to add pictures to your items.

I have chosen a certain package. Can I change to another package?

Yes, it's no problem at all. Go to your Bonop Pro page and select the package you wish to upgrade to. Existing data and ads will remain visible.

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