Rules for buying and selling

Please read the following rules about buying and selling. We want Bonop to be a fun and safe platform for everyone. Therefore we have some rules regarding buying, selling, returns and buyer protection.

Report a problem with an item you have purchased?

If the item you receive is not what you agreed with the seller, you can open a dispute via chat. One way to do this is through the Transaction Centre. You have 48 hours from the time the item is updated as 'delivered' in the app to open a dispute. After this time, the sale amount will be released to the seller and a dispute will no longer be possible.

You will need to provide the seller with the necessary evidence to justify the reason for the return. You should tell the seller exactly what you think is wrong, and you should support this information with photos of the product you received.

The seller may accept, partially accept or escalate the dispute. If the seller does not accept the dispute, it will be forwarded to our support centre where we will assess the case and make a decision, taking into account our returns policy. 

If your order has been damaged in transit, please read this article to find out what to do: Order damaged in transit.

Responding to a dispute

Once the product is received, the buyer has 48 hours to check the status. After this time, if there is no dispute, the seller will receive the transaction amount in their account within 2-5 business days.

If the product received is not as agreed, the buyer can open a dispute with the seller via chat.

The seller will receive the buyer's dispute as soon as it is opened. They have the option to accept it or escalate it. If it is accepted, the full amount will be refunded to the buyer. You can also opt for a partial refund if you have agreed this together. 

If the seller does not want to accept the return, they can escalate it to Bonop. Our staff will review the case and make a decision, taking into account our terms and conditions and return policy.

If the refund is finally accepted by the seller or Bonop, the buyer will be refunded the purchase price, minus the transport costs in the case of (international) transport of a vehicle (car, motorbike, boat, etc.).

As soon as the product is returned to the seller, we will process the refund order. The buyer will receive their money within 1 to 5 working days, depending on the method of payment.

In the case of a return, the buyer will have to pay the transport costs.

If the dispute is rejected by Bonop, the payment is automatically transferred to the seller's wallet.

For information on the status of your dispute, please contact us.

Return policy

Bonop is an application that acts only as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Bonop does not own the items offered for sale or sold via its platform and is not a party to the sale, which takes place exclusively between buyers and sellers. Bonop does not verify or validate the products offered by users through the Service, so in no case will Bonop be responsible, directly, indirectly or in the alternative, for damages of any kind arising from the use and contracting of the content and activities of users and/or third parties through the Service, as well as for their lack of legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and timeliness.

In general, products purchased through the Bonop application may not be returned, except in cases agreed between the seller and the buyer. In general, the right of withdrawal does not apply to transactions carried out via the Bonop application, except in cases where the law expressly recognises it, in which case this right must be exercised directly by the buyer against the seller, without Bonop being liable in any way in the event of default by the seller. If the seller is a private individual, you can assume that they are very unlikely to accept or offer returns.

Bonop will only refund the purchase price as long as the mediation has been evaluated by the only channel Bonop offers for mediation. Remember that it is necessary to keep the original packaging (if applicable) in order to make a claim.

The following cases are excluded from our return policy

  • Cancellation (voluntary cancellation)
  • Products not allowed in our rules of coexistence
  • Products whose contents or operation we cannot control
  • Damaged items or items for parts only
  • Colour differences when not reflected in the description
  • Products stained, dirty or with other signs of use
  • Products missing non-essential accessories for their use (buttons, screws, ...)
  • Products in good condition but whose box or packaging is damaged
  • Products that have been manipulated by the buyer
  • Products exchanged by the buyer, for example by a broken product
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