Ferrari Formula One 2000 Pitcrew suit

For sale Used I have decided to put up for sale my original mechanic's suit from Scuderia Ferrari from the 2000s.


***test ad, i do not have this item***

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Are you a die-hard Formula 1 fan? Do you love owning unique memorabilia from the world of racing? Well, you're in luck! Today, we present to you an extraordinary piece of history - an original mechanic's suit from Scuderia Ferrari dating back to the 2000s.

Step into the shoes of a Ferrari mechanic and experience the thrill of being a part of the legendary team that dominated the sport with Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello at the helm.

This mechanic's suit is in impeccable condition, with the original tag still intact. It was exclusively given to the Scuderia Ferrari mechanic in 2000, when the team was at the pinnacle of its success. Adorned with the iconic sponsors of that era, such as Marlboro, Tommy Hilfiger, and Shell, this suit is a true testament to the golden age of Formula 1.

Crafted by the renowned brand Sabelt, known for their exceptional quality, this combination comes with the FIA approval of the time, ensuring fireproof protection. Worried about safety? Fear not! We are also including all the original Sabelt flame retardant underwear, including pants, undershirt, and hood.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room - the color change on the back of the suit. Over time, some areas have been affected by exposure to sunlight. However, this does not diminish the suit's overall charm, especially if you plan to frame it as a cherished piece of history. We believe in transparency and want to ensure you have all the details. Rest assured, the front of the suit remains unblemished.

Considering its age, this combination has stood the test of time remarkably well and is in very good condition. Rest assured, you'll be acquiring a piece of history that will make any racing enthusiast green with envy.

Along with the suit, we are including the underwear and hood. Please note that the mannequin is not included in the sale. Kindly refer to the photos, as they form an integral part of the description. To maintain the utmost safety and protection, we will ship the suit in a secure box, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition. The shipping will be insured for the value of the winning bid, providing you peace of mind.

At, we strive to bring you the most exclusive and sought-after collectibles. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a piece of Scuderia Ferrari history. Place your bid now and make this extraordinary mechanic's suit yours!

The good
its an original piece from Ferrari
The bad
Wasn't worn by a driver
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Ferrari Formula One 2000 Pitcrew suit
EUR 750,00
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Deán Pequeño, ES
14 Feb. 2024
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