Be the First to Shape Bonop's Global Revolution Invest in the innovative B2C & C2C sales platform of the future

Looking for an investment opportunity in an exciting technology startup? Look no further! Bonop welcomes visionary early stage investors to join our community-driven sales and auction platform.

Bonop has developed an advanced sales platform that transforms B2C and C2C sales, improves Web3 accessibility, and seamlessly integrates fiat money and cryptocurrency for daily transactions.

Why use Bonop to sell your items?
Why use Bonop to sell your items?

Crowdfund project Tokens Join the Bonop Revolution! 

Enter the early stages of our dynamic social platform, a place where buying, showcasing collections and making connections are hallmarks. Explore our first marketplace for luxury goods, cars, fashion, real estate and more.

Our revenue model has multiple revenue streams, including auction fees, buyer insurance, Bonop Pro subscriptions, and interest income. In addition, community members contribute to our rapid growth by earning on every referral they make.

To enable further growth, we are issuing crypto tokens that act as shares in Bonop. We will pay dividends to our early investors, and as Bonop grows, the value of these tokens will increase.

This is not just a financial investment; it is an invitation to actively participate in promoting Bonop and creating a success story together. Invest in the future of e-commerce today and become part of the Bonop community!

Start investingReceive Bonop Tokens

$ 1.500,-

Receive: 150,000 tokens
Price: $ 0,0200 per token
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Price: $ 0,0100 per token
Choose the amount of tokens you want to secure. You can move the slider to the amount you want. You can also contact us for a customised plan.

Seed Round 21% funded

Bonop - Start investing

Crowdfund projectAbout Bonop & our crowdfunding campaign

Marketplaces and auction backbone
Bonop is the technical backbone of our online marketplaces and auction sites, for easy (international) payments, and for member feedback to protect other members.

The new secure way to pay for your purchases on online marketplaces. Get the item you ordered or your money back! And make sure you get paid for your product, no failed or late payments, no fake bids.

Various revenue streams
Auction fees, buyers insurance and Bonop Pro subscriptions provide a steady source of income for Bonop and therefore our financial stability.

Crypto Currency
We will issue our own crypto token that can be traded and used just like any other cryptocurrency. We aim to be listed on most major exchanges as soon as possible. Distribution of this token is expected in mid 2024.

Launch & Expansion Plans
Bonop's first marketplace focuses on luxury items and collectibles. Using our technology, we will rapid expand into various niches - cars, water sports, real estate and beyond. Our goal: a unified platform, providing investors a diverse portfolio.

Benefit from direct referral income and contribute to our adaptive community. Dive into our dynamic platform, share ideas in the Ambassador Program and be part of the Bonop experience. 

Risks & Realities
We're transparent about potential risks. While we strive for success, all investments involve uncertainty. That is why we ask you not only to invest financially, but also to actively promote Bonop - only together can we make such a community a success.

Tokenomics How are our tokens distributed?

We will issue a maximum of 100.000.000 tokens in total. Below is an overview of how our tokens will be distributed. Team tokens are locked for 1 year.

  • Technical 8%
  • Reserve Funding 5%
  • Ecosystem 15%
  • Advisor 2%
  • Developer 3%
  • Airdrop-bounty 2%
  • Marketing 25%
  • Seed Round 10%
  • Private Sale 10%
  • Pre-Sale 15%
  • Public Sale 5%
Why use Bonop to sell your items?

Crowdfund project Help build the payment and marketplace platform of the future

Bonop develops innovative solutions for the daily challenges of online buyers and sellers.

We are actively developing a secure B2C and C2C sales platform that is the foundation for secure global commerce. For a first look, you can try our beta version. Our goal is to enable people to pay not only with fiat money, but also with cryptocurrencies.

To further develop this platform and to maintain and improve the underlying technology, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign. We are issuing Bonop tokens, which act as shares in Bonop and allow investors to participate in our groundbreaking project.

RoadmapBonop app development

Bonop, the application and the underlying technology are constantly evolving. The roadmap below shows you where we are now and what you can expect in the future.

  • Launch our Beta marketplace
  • Get the team ready & attract more developers
  • Setup partner program
  • Launch Founder Seed round
  • First marketing steps
  • Engaging influencers
  • Finalize whitepaper
  • Setting up a new company
  • Setting up social media channels
  • Distribute the pre-assigned tokens
  • Pre sale
  • Initial coin listings
  • Establishing various partnerships
  • Launch several marketplaces
  • Prepare official sale
  • Listing on more listings
  • Step up marketing efforts to grow our marketplaces

Frequently Asked Questions Have questions about our crowdfunding?

While we try to cover all the details on our website, questions still arise. The FAQs below cover the most common questions about Bonop and our crowdfunding campaign. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us!

What is Bonop, and why should I invest?

Bonop has its roots in Evesi, where we pioneered the development of small marketplace-like applications tailored to individual customer needs. Building on the success and knowledge gained from Evesi, Bonop aims to create a global ecosystem for C2C and B2C sales.  

Our ultimate vision? To be a comprehensive social media platform where users can chat, showcase collections and buy from each other effortlessly.

With your investment, you will not only receive our crypto tokens, which can be used to buy products on our marketplaces in the future, and which will hopefully increase in value each year. You will also receive a proportionate  share of our profits each year.

What makes Bonop different from other marketplaces?

Bonop is cost effective, community driven and actively listens to the needs of buyers and sellers. Our focus on luxury items and plans for multiple niche marketplaces create a unique investment opportunity.

Bonop is a backbone for online marketplaces and auction sites. For easy (international) payments, but also for member feedback to protect other members. 

We want to make it possible to pay not only with fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) but also with our cryptocurrency.

How does Bonop generate revenue?

Bonop generates revenue from auction fees, buyer insurance, interest revenue and Bonop Pro subscriptions for businesses, creating a sustainable and diverse lucrative revenue model.

Is Bonop planning to expand beyond luxury collectibles?

Absolutely. Bonop has ambitious expansion plans to reach a wider audience by launching dedicated marketplaces and classifieds sites for various categories, including cars/vehicles, real estate, general classifieds and more.

While specific timelines are still in development, Bonop is working diligently to bring these new marketplaces to life in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to grow and expand our offerings.

How can I actively contribute to Bonop's success as an investor?

Explore our partner program, an opportunity for investors to actively engage with Bonop's community and contribute to our continued growth and success.

What are the risks associated with investing in Bonop?

While Bonop strives for success, all investments carry inherent risks. We encourage potential investors to consider their decisions carefully, to recognise the possibility of investment uncertainty and to invest only with money they can spare.

How do I get started with investing in Bonop?

We have tried to make this as easy as possible. Figure out how much money you want to invest in our crowdfunding campaign, drag the slider above to your desired amount and click the "Start Investing" button. 

Your investment will help shape the future of online marketplaces.

How can I sell my tokens?

Once we distribute the tokens, you will basically be able to sell your tokens to anyone. From September 2024, we plan to open our own secondary marketplace.

Is my information secure when investing with Bonop?

Yes. Bonop prioritises the security and confidentiality of investor information. Our platform uses robust security measures to protect your information.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes, we have developed an affiliate program for our token sales. But you can also use our affiliate programme to promote the Bonop marketplace. 

Earning money (EUR / USD) with our affiliate programme is incredibly easy, you only need to register once and you are ready to go. The easiest way is to send visitors directly to our website, for example from your YouTube channel, Instagram account or website.

Invest wisely, stay informed, and join us on the exciting journey of innovation and community-driven success with Bonop.

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